Cycling by the river and other stuff

I’m doing a lot more walking, I covered 10km yesterday which is good progress.

Rachael made a brief visit from Berlin and it was brilliant chilling with my homegirl. I’m already making plans to visit her this summer.

I saw Wolf Alice and am totally obsessed with this band. I actually won tickets to see them in London tonight so that’s amazing and I’ve never won anything – let alone private gig tickets!


An adventure

So I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, mostly as I’ve not been taking photos or doing much of interest. I’ve got a few things lined up and spring is finally upon us so I promise to take more photographs and update this! I’m currently training for some mountain walking so suggested we take a long walk (turned out to be only 9km but still) and headed to Grantchester. We rocked up in matching denim jackets so obviously asked Ahron to take some band photos.