London reunion

On Saturday I met up with 5 of my friends from Raleigh, some of who I last saw in December in Costa Rica. It was great to catch up and we had some nostalgic memories as we wandered around Comida Fest with the Latin American food and music taking us back. Afterwards we headed to … Continue reading London reunion

A few things

This year has flown by, and somehow it’s already halfway through May. I’m looking forward to summer, the late evening light and all the adventures to be had. Yesterday I walked around an area of Cambridge I rarely go to near the Botanical Gardens and took some photos on my phone. Continue reading A few things

Em’s birthday

On Wednesday we went over to Em’s house for birthday celebrations. Everyone brought a dish, and I made a vegan cake which went down well. We ended up playing a board game called Mysterium until it was too late and everyone was falling asleep, but it was a fun night with great friends. Continue reading Em’s birthday

BBQ at Tom’s

Over the weekend Tom had a BBQ and it was finally warm enough to sit outside. I hadn’t seen anyone in weeks so managed to get myself out and have a lovely evening. Fi, Matt and Ruth were down from London so it was a great chance to catch up with them. The garden is … Continue reading BBQ at Tom’s