La Cangreja

For the second project support visit me and Vera went by public transport which was a much slower but equally fun experience, arriving at La Cangreja National Park in the pouring rain. We slept on the floor under mosquito nets and watched the rain fall heavy and the sky light up with thunder and lightning. … Continue reading La Cangreja

Changeover one

The first changeover was hectic; the 7 seekers arrived and had their induction, then everyone else returned and it all seemed to be over in a whirlwind, leaving us all exhausted at field base. Then came the allocations for the next phase of the expedition, including eye masks and face painting so venturers could find … Continue reading Changeover one

On the road

Road trips with friends have long been a dream for me, but as I can’t drive it’s never really been a reality. What was great in Central America was the long road trips we had to take, and the many adventures and escapades we got up to on our way. The roads in Costa Rica … Continue reading On the road

San Juan del Sur

We had two opportunities to stop over in this laid back beach town in Southern Nicaragua, an hour from the border with Costa Rica. Popular with surfers and tourists, with a stunning beach and perfect sunset it was just what we needed. We grabbed some pizza by the seafront before crashing in our shared hostel … Continue reading San Juan del Sur


On our way to visit the trek group and the two water projects in Nicaragua, we stopped for a lunch break on a completely deserted beach. This was where the 250km trek group would complete their journey and we had to do a food drop at the rangers station. The short respite from hours of … Continue reading Guanacaste