Cavtat 2

Cavtat is too pretty, the sunsets are unreal and those colours are beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. We had the perfect view from a sweet little restaurant in Tiha bay.



We spent three short days in Cavtat, a beautiful Croatian town near Dubrovnik. The atmosphere is laid-back and authentic, yet also full yachts and clearly adopted by wealthy foreigners. Despite this, the town holds onto its sleepy and relaxed vibe, letting Dubrovnik take the tourist heat.

On the evening we arrived there was a massive storm which looked so dramatic from our terrace, lighting up the sky in purple tones.


Kravice waterfall

After Pocitelj, we headed to Kravice Waterfall, a total hidden gem which was quite hard to find. There are no signposts, no tourist billboards and virtually no way of finding the place short of asking locals and hoping for the best.
Located in the middle of the Herzegovina region in Bosnia and surrounded by dry, rocky terrain, the greenery and huge rush of water from the waterfalls seem to come out of nowhere. The water was freezing and it took a good 10 minutes to work myself up into going in, the shock from the outside heat was just too much. Once adjusted to the cold, we swam quickly towards the waterfall and sat on rocks while the falling water sprayed us and left goosebumps all over my body. It was such an exhilaration and a definite highlight of my trip.